Driven by ideas and his inventive spirit, Josef Femböck, together with the Micro Epsilon Group, founded Cartesy GmbH in Mühldorf am Inn in 2006. Femböck’s goals were to conduct independent and self-determined research and to set new technical standards. He has been able to realize these goals with his fantastic team and successful products which are developed, produced and distributed worldwide.

The company is now led by the next generation – Dimitri Grübel and Maximilian Femböck continue to run Cartesy with success and enthusiasm. Our strong team possesses comprehensive know-how in the areas of measurement, regulation and control technology.

Our employees act autonomously, take responsibility and contribute ideas to achieve the company’s success. We develop our business areas with care and conviction and also offer comprehensive calibration services in our own calibration laboratory.

While doing so, vehicle testing technology, especially control and sensor technology, is always in the focus of development.

Since its foundation, Cartesy has been a member of the Micro-Epsilon Group, an association of medium-sized companies active in sensor and high-tech technology. The group’s strengths lie in the synergetic effects of the respective development and production areas, as well as in the mutual transfer of knowledge and know-how.

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"Your Pioneer's Mind – We Want to Shape the Future

In line with our claim, we value innovative ideas and strive for their perfected implementation. Our focus on systematics results in reliable, network-compatible and wireless technologies. For our products, ease of use, aesthetics and haptics are just as important as the universal communication of the various technologies. Beyond that, it is important to us that it is not only our products that should inspire, but also our corporate culture. At Cartesy, we place great value on professionalism, however, at the same time we want to make work as fun as possible. Our employees get the chance to present, develop and implement their own ideas.

We want to shape the future of vehicle testing technology – with visionary thinking and a focus on current technological trends. Driven by our own curiosity, we never come to a standstill and set new standards.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our quality policy is characterized by strong customer orientation, which is reflected in user-friendly, high-performance and high-quality products as well as high customer satisfaction. For Cartesy it is extremely important to offer personal support to our business partners, as this contributes significantly to the promotion and consolidation of reliability and trust. The basis of our company-wide quality policy is formed by structured processes and continuous improvement.

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We're on vacation

22.12.2023 - 07.01.2024

Dear Sir or Madam,

we would like to thank you again this year
for your loyalty and trust!

Since we are on company vacation over the holidays, we would like to point out that no goods can be delivered during this time.

We will process incoming orders again from
January 8th, 2024.

The entire Cartesy team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024!

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