Safe and precise calibration.
Safe and precise calibration.
Safe and precise calibration.

Calibration of Equipment with Cartesy

Cartesy is not only one of the leading manufacturers of measurement technology, with our expertise we also support you as a calibration service provider. In our in-house calibration laboratory we perform both DAkkS (DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025) and factory calibrations (DIN EN ISO 376).

Inform yourself about our manufacturer calibration service. Calibrating your measuring equipment has never been this easy: Book our calibration service conveniently via the Cartesy Shop and our team will contact you immediately to arrange an appointment. Our calibration experts will take care of everything else. If you can only spare your test equipment for a short amount of time, as they are essential for your work processes, we will support you with efficient scheduling and fast processing.

Benefit from the complete management by our calibration service: We take care of the planning, the execution, the calibration and the transmission of the results to you. In addition, we take over the maintenance of the data and inform you about the next calibration via our reminder service. To ensure that you can view the calibration results and re-calibration dates at any time, we also make the calibration certificates available to you online via QR code on the calibration label.

In addition, we are happy to handle the repair or maintenance of your measuring equipment.

Incidentally, you can have measuring devices from all manufacturers calibrated at Cartesy. Simply register using our contact form

ISO 17025 Calibration:

ISO 17025 calibration is a norm of quality ensurance and may only be performed by accredited calibration service providers according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025. ISO 17025 calibration certificates serve as traceability proof, are audit-proof and enjoy worldwide recognition.

With a calibration certificate, the required traceability to national or international standards is given unconditionally.

Factory Calibration:

ISO or factory calibration differs in its requirements from ISO 17025 calibration. While in DAkkS / ISO 17025 calibration the accreditation body of the Federal Republic of Germany formulates the specifications, with ISO calibration, these are defined by a specific laboratory or company Both forms of calibration are audit-proof. All test equipment used by Cartesy in ISO calibration is also traced back to national or international standards.

ISO 17025 Calibration

  • Force (guideline DKD-R 3-3): up to 50 kN
  • Pressure (guideline DKD-R 6-1): -1 up to 50 bar (pneumatic)
  • Pressure (guideline DKD-R 6-1) up to 700 bar (hydraulic)

ISO Calibration

  • Force: up to 300 kN
  • Pressure (pneumatic): -1 up to 50 bar
  • Pressure (hydraulic): up to 700 bar
  • Mass: up to 30 t

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