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Wheel Load Scales by Cartesy

With Cartesy’s mobile wheel load scales, you can easily and accurately perform the weighing of different vehicles such as cars, trucks or motor bikes. Our portable scales and weighing systems impress with remarkable product features, equipment options and high-quality accessories. Choose from a wide range of vehicle scales by Cartesy, one of the leading electronic wheel load scales manufacturers!

What Types of Mobile
Weighbridges Are Available?

Cartesy offers you different mobile wheel load scales for individual requirements. They differ mainly in their measuring range and in the dimensions of the weighing surface.


Portable Vehicle Scales for up to 3 Tons


The portable wheel load scales “IFX” for passenger cars and caravans is suitable for checking wheel and axle loads. The mobile scale has an integrated LCD with backlight and radio data transmission. It is available in the measuring ranges of 1,000 kg, 2,000 kg and 3,000 kg.

Measuring range: 0 kg to 3,000 kg


Mobile Truck Scales for up to 10 Tons


Our battery-powered, portable wheel load scales “BFX” for trucks and commercial vehicles have a measuring range of up to 10,000kg. In addition to overload control for trucks, they are also suitable for determining the center of gravity of helicopters and aircrafts and can be used for agricultural weighing.

Measuring range: 0 kg to 10,000 kg

inno!weight Radlastwaage mit Smartphone App

Race Car Scales for up to 3.2 Tons

inno!weight ®

Discover the inno!weight® weighing system by Cartesy! This innovative weighing set consists of four mobile wireless scales, a transport case and a matching app for controlling the scales. This complete solution is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. Measuring range: 0 kg to 3,200 kg

What Are Mobile Wheel Load Scales Used For?

Stationary vehicle scales are generally used to determine the overall weight of a vehicle. Depending on which type of automobile is to be weighed, there are specific floor scales designed for different weight classes. In contrast to stationary vehicle scales, the mobile weighing systems by Cartesy are particulary suitable for easy and flexible weighing of your car, truck, trailer or caravan . Additionally, they are also used to control loading and unloading, as well as checking wheel load during axle measuring.. In motor sports, mobile wheel load scales are optimally suited for determining the center of gravity and for corner balancing.

What Are the Advantages of Axle Load Scales?

Mobile wheel load scales by Cartesy are a practical alternative to permanently installed floor scales in workshops. Stationary weighbridges are usually embedded in the floor or fixed to it and therefore cannot be moved. This means that they have to be taken into account when initially designing a workshop. If you want to equip your work space with vehicle scales retrospectively, mobile wheel load scales are the ideal solution. Cartesy scales can beplaced anywhere, are battery-powered and connected via radio transmission. They can be flexibly re-positioned whenever necessary. This, moreover, makes them ideally suitable for workshops with little space for permanently installed equipment.

Cartesy – Your Manufacturer for Mobile Vehicle Scales

As one of the leading load scales suppliers, Cartesy offers you products that are both practical and stylishly designed. They impress with their features and ease of use. Do you have any questions about our products or would you like a personal consultation? We look forward to hearing from you. Use our contact form, to send us a message.

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