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Race Car Scales with inno!weight® Weighing Software

The Cartesy inno!weight® weighing system is a convenient all-in-one-solution. It is particularly suitable to determine the center of gravity as well as corner balancing. This system consists of four inno!weight® wheel load scales as well as the inno!weight® App – compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. It can be used for the weighing of vehicles with up to 3,200 kg total weight, and with its stable carrying case the system is a must-have partner at motorsport events. Due to the BLE 2.4GHz radio communication, the system is operating wirelessly and always ready for use.

Race Car Scales with inno!weight® Weighing Software

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The Cartesy inno!weight® weighing system is a convenient all-in-one-solution.



External dimensions (L × W × H): 380 × 380 × 33 mm
Weighing surface (L × W × H): 600 × 460 × 320 mm

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inno!weight® – Motor Sport Wheel Load Scales

The inno!weight® weighing system allows you to quickly and easily determine the overall weight as well as the center of gravity of your vehicle. Furthermore, you can use the system to determine axle and wheel weight and control loading and unloading. The scales are flat and equipped with built-in-ramps. Thus, even lowered vehicles can be weighed without any problems. Batteries are included in the scope of delivery and can be easily replaced when necessary. inno!weight® race car scales are made of a powder-coated aluminum alloy, which gives them the sturdiness needed for use on the racetrack. The carrying case was specifically designed for the system and protects it while traveling or during its storage. The case can be turned into a trolley, further simplifying transport.

Mobile Scales with App

Weighing a vehicle has never been easier: Simply drive onto the scales with your car. The results of the live measuring are immediately displayed on your smartphone, tablet or Windows PC. Using the app is intuitive, you can choose from five different weighing modes. The results are saved, you can retrieve them on your device at all times. Our inno!weight® weighing system combines numerous functions in one app.

A Unique Weighing System for Motor Sport

You want to learn more about the Cartesy inno!weight® race scales with app control? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.