Analog Strain gauge sensors for force, pressure and weight

Analog Sensor Technology


Many analog sensors are used for the production of systems, test lines and devices in the field of vehicle testing equipment. Only a few „original equipment manufacturers“ (abbreviated as OEM) still produce their sensors themselves, as various factors make it seemingly unprofitable. The in-house technical effort, required know-how and assurance of quality even with small quantities are often in contradiction to economic efficiency.


For our OEM customers, we develop and manufacture all types of strain gauge sensors for the measurement of force, weight, pressure, and displacement – from prototype to series production. The primary focus points here are vehicle testing technology and the respective industry.

We develop individual sensors for each customer, with a wide variety of analog interfaces, integrated or external measuring amplifiers and individual connection options. In order to be able to process the measurement signals directly from the data acquisition hardware, the use of measurement amplifiers is necessary – as these convert the electrical sensor signals adequately. For this purpose, we consistently use our self-developed measurement amplifiers and integrate them either directly into the sensor or into an external housing.

That is why our customers rely on us:

  • Price-performance ratio
  • Durable force sensors with 100 % vibration amplitude for dynamic measurements in the entire measuring range
  • Comprehensive in-depth knowledge on account of many years of experience in the field of sensor technology
  • Fast constructional integration into machines and systems
  • Hermetically sealed sensors with long service life for demanding environmental conditions
  • Excellent shock and vibration resistance thanks to fully encapsulated sensor design
  • Various sensor materials such as heat-treatable steel, stainless steel, aluminum or other metallic alloys possible