Wireless Vehicle Lift: Control and Display

Measurement and Control


Development of an energy self-sufficient, wireless control and display system for hydraulic heavy-duty lifting applications.

Among others, the following challenges had to be considered during the development:

  • lifting system for hydraulic vehicle lifts/lifting applications
  • loose and scalable structure of the members and simple group configuration
  • energy-self-sufficient, battery-powered system
  • more than 30 radio participants in synchronous operation
  • one controller usable for both the simplest as well as the most complex lifting requirements
  • modular design and cascadability
  • safety shutdown times when max. wireless members are reached number must be adhered to
  • safety criteria for loaded operations must be met
  • possibility to adapt to future applications/options without changing main electronics
  • possibility to adapt to requirements for IoT and remote maintenance (updateable)
  • self-monitoring, redundant measurement/control sequence
  • display and operating unit for visualization, control, status and error detection
  • Easy update capability by field service / customer (update dongle)


We developed a new control and electronics concept for our customer. As a basis for this development, we used our digital, tamper-proof data bus (CT network), which connects all participants wirelessly. The control board is based on a redundant and dual-channel microcontroller system, which uses special circuit technologies to individually monitor each wire of the wiring harness present in the system. All sensors, actuators, control panels and displays in the system are redundantly checked for functionality by the two microcontrollers and their status is published globally in the radio network. All participants communicate time-synchronously and thus monitor each other – the status of every other radio member is known to each member. This ensures the required scalable expandability of the system (including preparation for the maximum expansion stage) without follow-up costs. The data protocol is designed according to the valid safety rules. An absolute novelty is the floating master system based on our CT network. It ensures permanent functional reliability and can pass through local and global system states/measurement data from sensor to cloud (for IoT applications).

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