Radio measurement system for specification

Digital Radio Measurement System


Development of a wireless measuring system for the reduction of set-up times and error sources in the determination of specifications, as well as dynamic measurements for the further development of service brake force testing. The previous wired system showed significant conceptual weaknesses in its wiring for frequent assembly and disassembly, and was hence to be replaced by a wireless measurement system. 


  • Up to 10 radio transmission participants
  • NPC-2016 as global data collection point
  • Connection to HU adapter and ASA livestream (WiFi / Ethernet)
  • 2 measuring systems in parallel operation
  • Prepared for various interfaces/protocols (cable and radio)
  • All-day battery operation with wireless as well as wired charging possibilities
  • Wireless and wired charging for all radio participants at once
  • High IP protection level (water and dust protection category) for all devices
  • Easy operation and fast change of radio channel/radio address
  • Acquisition and transmission of measurement data in real time and time-synchronous with min. 50 Hz rate
  • Use of existing analog sensors (temperature, pressure, force sensors, etc.)


For our customers, we have realized the development of such a wireless radio measuring system in a remarkable time. Our digital, tamper-proof data bus (CT network) was used as a basis, which connects all components of the measurement system. The data collection point, in essence an NPC-2016, was extended by a SUB-GHz 433 MHz interface for the CT network. Specifically developed radio handheld devices combine all customer requirements in one compact housing. Various analog and digital interfaces such as current/voltage input, strain gauge input, RS-232/-485 and SUB-GHz radio have been integrated. A simple operation for all users was realized by implementing only three buttons and status LEDs as indicators. Various Windows programs and libraries have been developed for displaying/transferring the measurement data to front end systems and for configuration of all the radio members. All radio handheld devices can be charged simultaneously and wirelessly in the charging cradle and have a battery life of at least 12 h.

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