Plate Brake Tester for In-line Quality Assurance

Industrial Test Stand for Brakes


For the in-line quality assurance of 3- and 4-wheeled forklifts or reach trucks up to max. 5 tons wheel load, Cartesy developed a special plate brake tester. It is installed on floor level and controlled by a Windows PC-based application. The system is used in a 3-shift operation with 8 hours per shift on 230 working days and is designed for a service life of at least 10 years. For documentation purposes, test reports can be generated, and measurement data is automatically transferred to SAP for further processing.

Required test parameters and properties:

  • braking force according to DIN ISO 6292: 2013-10
  • weight and speed as part of brake force determination
  • remote control with scanner (for scanning the vehicle serial number)
  • pedal power meter with radio data transmission
  • control software with PC/testing software/SAP connection/multilingual
  • wear-free electronic measuring system
  • foundation mounting, easy installation and maintenance, 230 V power supply
  • test plates with robust bearing and tire-protecting coating


For our customers we developed a robust industrial plate brake tester for in-line quality assurance of the service brake system of forklifts, on which all forklift variants produced at the site can be tested. The test sequence as well as the measurement data acquisition is PC-controlled and the test results are automatically transferred to the SAP system.

Our digital, tamper-proof data bus (CT network), which connects all digital sensors and the PC control system, was used as the basis for the special design. The robust mechanical solution could be realized on a total construction height (incl. foundation frame) of only 55mm. The test stand has an embedded radar speed measuring system in the foundation, does not pose a tripping hazard and can be driven over from all sides. The PC software connects the brake tester to the customer network and SAP. After each test sequence, a report is saved and the measurement data is automatically transferred to SAP for further processing. Due to the automatic test sequence and control via wireless hand scanner, short cycle times can be achieved.

More Information:

The function and reliability of the test stand could fully convince our customer. In the meantime, several locations throughout Europe were equipped with our product. In addition to the innovative technical solution, an essential factor for the success of the test lane is the simple operation and the clearly structured, intuitive PC software.

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