IoT Interface for Workshop Equipment


Development of an IoT interface with cloud connection for wireless networked lifting platform applications. The aim is the remote maintenance and early diagnosis of lifting platforms as well as inventorying and logging of the measurement data and device states. Privacy protection and secure communication must be ensured.


Based on NPC-2016 and in combination with our intelligent CT network radio module (SUB-GHz 433MHz), we have developed a multi-communication system. Our energy-self-sufficient IoT interface listens to, monitors and logs special events of the test equipment. Integrated into the local network or via WIFI, it is connected to a remote maintenance server and the “cloud” in an encrypted way – an intermediary between cloud, workshop equipment devices from sensor to human. Both the devices and the interface itself can be updated via the update server. The 2-factor authentication system allows only registered users to access the cloud, where other functions and information are available.

The cloud can be accessed worldwide via Windows PC software and it provides the following functions to the user:

  • measurement data and (error) statuses
  • live transmission of measured values and transfer to front-end applications
  • storage of all data in the cloud
  • user management/administration console
  • customer management/search functions by status
  • registration server
  • 2-factor authentication and token access for registered users
  • video transmission/localization of the device and display on map
  • remote maintenance module/update module
  • transfer of all data to other front-end applications
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