Motorcycle plate brake tester

Integrated Test Stand for Brakes


Our customer approached us with the request for a plate brake tester, which would enable the brake efficiency test for motorcycles to be carried out as comfortably, safely and road-like as possible. The test stand was to be integrated into an existing test line between a scissor lift and without foundational work. Safety for the test engineer and a simple, efficient test were the core requirements.


Based on our PBT-1024 PRIMO plate brake tester, we developed a 2-plate solution with radar speed measurement and a digital display for front and rear wheel brake force. The ramps on and off have just been installed. The heart of the test stand is a digital, tamper-proof data bus (CT network) that connects all sensors and the digital display. The fully galvanized mechanics and maintenance-free roller bearings guarantee a long product life and easy handling. The patented, wear-resistant High-Grip surface coating ensures high braking values and dynamic, road-like braking behavior.