Pedal Force Measuring System

For main inspection and PTI applications.


Development of an energy self-sufficient, wireless measurement system for pedal force with a large radio range and a robust design.

Among other things, the following customer requirements had to be taken into account during development:

  • Measuring range 1000N with 150% overload resistance
  • Division 1N
  • Measurement accuracy 0.5% of FS
  • Simple operation with 1-button solution
  • No cables or display on the pedal force sensor
  • Robust and water resistant housing
  • Stable 433MHz wireless transmission with high range and fast data rate
  • USB radio receiver / serial radio receiver
  • Easy integration into existing customer software (DLL)
  • Min. Min. 12h operating time and fast rechargeable battery


The product was designed with an aluminum force sensor in combination with a robust POM housing. Due to the adverse conditions for radio (pedal force sensor on the foot/pedal in the footwell of a car/truck) a special antenna was developed and adapted. In addition, the radio receiver was equipped with a USB socket and an extension cable to be able to mount the radio receiver higher. All customer requirements were successfully implemented. In addition, a serial data interface for calibration/adjustment and system configuration has been integrated. Currently 8 radio systems can be used simultaneously in parallel without transmission interference/cross talk.