NPC LiveStudio App
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Mobile brake tester display – NPC LiveStudio App
320,00 plus VAT
Brake tester display on smartphone or tablet.
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710,00 plus VAT
PTI SP21-/HU21-adapter connection NPC-2014 NG [ANW CONNECT BOX] ASA-Livestream Wifi...
NPC-2014-NG inkl. NPC LiveStudio App
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NPC-2014-NG incl. NPC LiveStudio App [Paketangebot]
925,00 plus VAT
PTI SP21-/HU21-adapter connection NPC-2014 NG + NPC LiveStudio App
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NPC-2016 ASA Livestream Wifi interface
765,00 plus VAT
Display, validation and documentation of the ASA Livestream interface in...

Connected Workshop: Buy the NPC-2016

Cartesy’s products for a connected workshop, including the NPC LiveStudio app and the NPC-2016 data node for the ASA Livestream interface (and workshop – ASA – net), enable the wireless transmission of data from brake testers and other workshop testing equipment to a network. This allows the data to be accessed from any device, e.g. a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The Wi-Fi data nodes are optimized for service technicians and connected workshops. They are easy to install and operate and offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Efficient, stable data transmission
  • Directive-compliant verification of measured values (BPS Directive 2011 / 2021)
  • Remote access to data

If you want to purchase the NPC-2016, Cartesy is the right place for you. As a developer and manufacturer of vehicle testing technology, you benefit from high-performance technology and the latest innovations, whether for a connected workshop, plate brake testers or mobile wheel load scales.

Discover excellent service and quality made in Germany – with NPC-2016 and workshop digitization by Cartesy.

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