Mobile brake tester display – NPC LiveStudio App

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Brake tester display on smartphone or tablet.

320,00 plus VAT

With the NPC LiveStudio App, we present an innovation in vehicle testing technology! The app is a universal, manufacturer-independent brake tester display for smartphones or tablets with many additional functions and modern features.

The app works with any car/truck roller brake tester (equipped with ASA livestream) AND for all manufacturers!
Due to the adaptive design, the app adjusts to the device and can unfold its full functionality on small and large displays. Modern app design and an intuitive interface enable simple user guidance and evaluation of the brake efficiency test directly from inside the vehicle.



  • Classic gauge display with differential information
  • modern test sequence control with assignment of axles
  • graphic result evaluation in detailed view
  • documentation with PDF print function
  • evaluation of results before and after repair
  • database for test results for customer presentation on the user device
  • new livestream mask
  • WIFI network connection to Internet, PC program and databases


Android V7.0 or higher
Only in combination with NPC-2014 NG / NPC-2016


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