EMC test laboratory

Cartesy invests in its very own EMC laboratory!

Cartesy invests in its very own EMC laboratory!

In our new in-house EMC laboratory we have created comprehensive possibilities to perform EMC pre-compliance tests. Landing Thanks to this investment, Cartesy significantly shortens the development time of new products.

Mühldorf a. Inn, 01/02/2021

Thanks to this new investment, our experts can now perform all the required EMC measurements themselves directly at the site.

Our declared goal was to be able to cover all the EMC measurements in the new laboratory required in the development and production of electronics, radio systems and sensor technology. The great advantage of having our own EMC laboratory is that Cartesy is no longer dependent on external testing institutes, thus considerably shortening the development time of any new product. In addition, it ensures that EMC tests with the final product in an accredited laboratory are successful straight away.

Measuring stations:

  • Mode swirl chamber MVK (following EN 61000-4-21) for radiated immunity and radiated interference up to 1 GHz (shielded), object size max. 1,000 x 500 x 500 mm, up to approx. 100 V/m
  • Shielded chamber for various measurements, object size max. 1.000x500x500mm
  • TEM cell for immunity and radiated interference up to 1 GHz, test volume max. 300x300x100mm
  • ESD measuring station up to 30 kV
  • Burst measuring station
  • Surge measuring station
  • Two measuring stations for interference/noise immunity, conducted up to 500 MHz
  • Near-field probe measuring station (for localization of leaks and sensitive areas)
  • Measuring station conducted HF, 10 kHz to 230 MHz

A detailed list of all measuring and testing equipment of our EMC laborator
available on request.

Individual solutions:

We develop your solution, if the standard does not lead to the goal. Through an individual analysis of your needs, we offer customized solutions based on our decades of experience and in-depth know-how and accompany you through the processes.

  • Optimization of circuit designs (EMC design)
  • Positioning of components on the printed circuit board
  • Proposals for an EMC-compatible layer structure and corresponding conductor track guides
  • Shielding and grounding
  • Interference suppression and correction of deviations
  • Cabling, wiring and optimized filtering
  • Individual determination of standards and legal requirements
  • Determination of the test setup and possible auxiliary devices

We also offer EMC testing as a service to our customers – we look forward to your enquiry!

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