ASA WLAN data node

NPC-2016 - a success story

From 01.01.2020 at the latest, the brake forces determined on a brake tester must be transmited via the standardized ASA livestream data interface for the main inspection of passenger cars and trucks. The test engineer has to transfer and evaluate the brake values tamper-proof live into his PC based production system. We have developed a mobile plug & play data node for this purpose, the NPC-2016!

Mühldorf a. Inn, 03/08/2020

The NPC-2016 solves the technical challenges arising in the testing field, such as connectivity, digital infrastructure and connection stability to brake testers. With the NPC-2016, the PTI organizations are taking a big step towards digital main inspections.

The NPC-2016 provides a stable WIFI network for the main inspection in inspection stations or ubsidiaries as well as the connection to the brake tester and other devices such as exhaust emission test devices. The NPC is compatible with all main inspection applications on the market and connects the brake tester via the ASA Livestream interface, the HU21 adapter and the productive system for the main inspection work processes. Measurement data can additionally visualized and stored in the free Cartesy Livestream Client Apps (for Android and iOS).

Within three years of product launch, Cartesy has achieved over 90% market penetration. Currently, 10 out of 11 German PTI organizations (DEKRA, GTÜ, TÜV Nord, KÜS, etc…) use the mobile data node.

By the end of 2021, more than 13,000 inspection engineers were already equipped and performing main inspections with the help of NPC-2016. In addition to the innovative technical solution, a key factor in the product’s success is its visual appearance and the possibility of branding the product to customer specifications.

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