Krafthand Technologie Award!

Third Place at
Krafthand Technology Award!

Krafthand Medien has been presenting the “KRAFTHAND Technology Award“ since 2006. Companies with smart innovations or established products that make life easier for people operating in workshops can take part. Our NPC-2016, THE ASA data node for the main inspection, wins third place in 2020.

Mühldorf a. Inn, 12/10/2020

Cartesy participated for the first time in this year’s “KRAFTHAND Technology Award“ with the NPC-2016, the mobile ASA livestream data node, and achieved third place.


The NPC-2016 is a mobile plug & play WIFI data node for the German PTI organizations. It connects the brake tester (via ASA livestream), the HU21 adapter and the productive system for the main inspection work processes. The intelligent main inspection algorithm covers all scenarios and adapts individually to the test environment and the test engineer’s workflow. The integrated “ASA Network Manager” is responsible for the communication of all ASA (livestream) members. The ANW sends the measured data of the brake tester live into the productive system.

Statement by, Dimitri Grübel, Member of Management

Communication plays a central role in our everyday private and work lives and determines success or failure. Mastering multiple languages speeds up the dialog, saves time and gets you to your goal faster. The intelligence and communication power of the NPC-2016 is already used daily by more than 13,000 test engineers for the main inspection according to § 29 StVZO. In order to save working time during the main inspection, the test engineer is supported in his work by an organized work process, the appropriate work (network) infrastructure and the right tools. The NPC-2016 forms the center for the main inspection process and is the basis for the digital, networked workshop. The core function of the NPC-2016 is, in short, the universal communication of the workshop equipment with the test engineer or the user in the workshop.

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